Clinical Study Summary

Clinical study results for PRESIDENT Sensitive toothpaste

Significant decrease of
sensitivity by*

Decrease of dental plaque
based on PHP index by

Decrease in the average
number of teeth reacting to
tactile and thermal stimuli by

PRESIDENT Sensitive toothpaste demonstrated high effectiveness in improving the hygienic condition of the oral cavity and hard dental tissues in patients with hyperesthesia. The cleansing effect averaged 43.5% with low abrasiveness (RDA 25)*. Strontium chloride and potassium nitrate reduce enamel and dentin sensitivity, and hydroxyapatite helps remineralize the enamel.

*Controlled abrasiveness index (RDA scale)

PRESIDENT Sensitive toothpaste can be recommended to adults
for oral hygiene to prevent and treat dental hypersensitivity

Professor E.M. Kuzmina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of
Prevention of Dental Diseases at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

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