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Как развивался бренд
BRAND’S history
  • 1971
  • 1973
  • 1998
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2017
  • 2018

Betafarma founders (Betafarma S.p.A.) – Giuseppe Cocco and Ettore Talia. Inspired by the idea to service humanity with high technology, they established a research laboratory in 1971 specialized in the development of hygienic, cosmetic, and medicinal products. The motherland of the scientists, Piemonte province, has always inspired Giuseppe and Ettore. That is the place where they grow and collect mint which is of great value in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the beauty of Piemonte landscapes is the best answer if you are thinking about giving people the opportunity to care about their beauty using natural resources and the most advanced technologies.


None of the existing manufactures at that time could bring to live the high-tech scientific research of the Betafarma S.p.A. laboratory, that is why the company built its own factory in Milan in 1973. Its capacity allowed to combine the potential of the laboratory and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Betafarma S.p.A. obtained the license from the Ministry of Health of Italy authorizing the production of disinfectants. From 1977 till 1980, the specialists at Betafarma S.p.A. developed and registered over 60 topically applied disinfectants.

Already in 1986, Betafarma S.p.A. obtained the license from the Ministry of Health of Italy for the manufacture of cream products containing antibiotics and cortisone.

The manufacturing capacities of their factory and scientific developments of their laboratory caught the interest of practitioners in dentistry, who addressed the company's management asking them to create oral care products. It was at this moment that the founding fathers came up with the idea to create an outstanding brand of oral care products.


Maria Grazia Pravettoni, a young and ambitious employee of Betafarma (Betafarma S.p.A.), inspired by company's philosophy proposed to make high-quality products available for every person in the world.

At this very moment, the same idea popped in the heads of the founders of the PRESIDENT brand and Premier-product company. Almost every resident of Russia has encountered the problem of cavities, which was a concern not only for dentists but for the company's experts as well. The Russian customer was not familiar with mouthwash, dental flosses, and did not know how to select the right toothpaste. There was a need for a new approach to oral care, and the Premier-product experts decided to tackle this problem.


Representatives of Betafarma (Betafarma S.p.A.) and Premier-product got acquainted in a dental exhibition in 1999. Desire to make a new product for the Russian market and the common vision became the basis for the cooperation and close friendship of the two companies.

Only one month after their first encounter, Premier-product experts visited the Betafarma manufacturing site (Betafarma S.p.A.).

The first products manufactured at the Italian factory for the Russian market were PRESIDENT Classic toothpaste for daily use and PRESIDENT Garant prosthetic fixing cream.

Controlled abrasiveness was the key advantage of the toothpaste. PRESIDENT Classic contained Syloblanc, an amorphous, non-reactive silicon with strictly controlled size and shape. Syloblanc allows to understand which effect exactly the user can get from the toothpaste.

Dentists recognized the high quality of the products and the results following the use of the products. High quality standard became the core of the brand development.


Positive feedback from dentists did not prevent the experts of both companies from the further development. They started to improve the formulations of existing products and plan the manufacture of new ones. The PRESIDENT ideology was built on proper oral care. The range of products was not limited to toothpaste only, the brand offered a more comprehensive approach for every hygienic and dental situation.


PRESIDENT Active, a toothpaste preventing gum bleeding, was present on the shelves in every pharmacy across the country. Its effect was complemented by PRESIDENT Active mouthwash and a toothbrush of the same name.

That toothpaste also contained Syloblanc. Apart from Syloblanc, an antiseptic and natural components were added to the formulation. The ideal formula of PRESIDENT Active toothpaste until now still remains its key advantage.


The first kids toothpaste was marketed in 2006. Special attention was paid to this collection since kids toothpastes should not only clean teeth well, but be absolutely safe if swallowed. The first PRESIDENT Baby Raspberry toothpaste contained plant extracts and bioavailable calcium. It was SLS-, paraben-, PEG-, and sugar-free. The toothpaste was really healthy and tasty. The popularity of PRESIDENT Baby Raspberry inspired for the creation of toothpastes for older kids. After all, a special toothpaste is required for every age! The kids collection was expanded by tasty and healthy toothpaste for any age up to 18 years.


In this year, the healthy lifestyle movement began to develop in Europe. Betafarma (Betafarma S.p.A.) experts started to develop organic toothpaste. A few years were spent to create the ideal formula. After all, the challenge was not only to create a natural toothpaste, but an efficient oral care product marketable in Russia.

The result of the efforts was PRESIDENT Eco-bio toothpaste which was first marketed in 2013. The efforts of researchers from two countries were evaluated not only by customers, but by the professional community as well, which awarded a ICEA certificate to the PRESIDENT Eco-bio toothpaste.


80% of cavities form on the side surfaces of teeth. Keeping this in mind, the PRESIDENT team offered the first dental floss for Russian customers. The PRESIDENT Active floss with oak bark extract and zinc citrate supplemented the Active line.

In Europe, dental flosses impregnated with toothpaste or extracts were becoming increasingly popular, that is why several types of dental flosses were developed for the Russian customer:

  • Flosses made of different materials (silk, PTFE).
  • Phyto-flosses with additional impregnation.



2012 witnessed a lot of new products. PRESIDENT offered two new toothpastes at once: PRESIDENT Anti-age, a vitaminized toothpaste, and PRESIDENT Unique, a unique fluorine-free toothpaste.

PRESIDENT Anti-age is the first toothpaste containing vitamins (vitamin E, coenzyme-Q10). This unique and fancy new product is still popular among dentists.

PRESIDENT Unique is a toothpaste inspired by PRESIDENT clients and customers. It was their idea to add a fluorine-free toothpaste to the product range.


The international PRESIDENT team presented several new products, which refreshed the market and caused a new wave of customer interest to the brand:

  1. PURE by PRESIDENT – a new collection with a unique design.
  2. PRESIDENT Choco 6+ - a kids toothpaste with real cacao beans.
  3. PRESIDENT Smokers – a toothpaste for smokers.
  4. PRESIDENT Exclusive – a tooth brush with an extended cleaning surface and attractive design.


The new products showed the next level achieved by the brand and became a good start on the path for new discoveries.



The launch of new series of products for professional oral care, PRESIDENT PROFI, to be sold exclusively in dental clinics and pharmacies became a highlight for the brand. The series included:

  • Toothpaste with hydroxyapatite for remineralization of enamel;
  • Enhanced products to address such problems as gum bleeding, extra sensitive enamel, and increased pigmented plaque formation in the most quick and efficient way;
  • Tooth brushes featuring a compact working part, increased number of bristles, and extra soft bristles. This series included super-soft tooth brush 4MIL (6,000 bristles).

In continuing to set new trends in the oral care market, on the eve of the winter holidays PRESIDENT had launched a Limited Collection presented in two flavors, Pine Tangerine и Spicy Cranberry!

additionally, PURE collection was supplemented by bright tooth brushes and 2 new flavors, Grapes and Lime & Lichi, and a neutral flavor appeared in the product line of prosthetic fixing creams GARANT.


«People want something new and healthy. Our objective is to update and create something that each of you need»



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