Clinical Study Summary

Clinical study results for PRESIDENT Active toothpaste

Change in the number
of periodontopathogenic
bacteria in the subgingival
biofilm in patients with
catarrhal gingivitis

Reduction in tartar
formation by

Significant decrease
of gingival bleeding by

Regular use of PRESIDENT Sensitive toothpaste helps improve the hygienic condition of the oral cavity and reduce the amount of dental plaque (abrasiveness index 75 RDA)*. Antibacterial components contained in the toothpaste (triclosan and zinc citrate) help reduce the deposit of tartar. Hawthorn and sanguinaria extracts strengthen capillaries and increase local immunity.

*Controlled abrasiveness index (RDA scale)

PRESIDENT Active toothpaste can be recommended to adults
to control the deposit of tartar and reduce inflammation in
periodontal tissues

Professor E.M. Kuzmina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of
Prevention of Dental Diseases at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Clinical study results for PRESIDENT Sensitive toothpaste