If your gums bleed

 Inflamed, bleeding, and painful gums are the first sign that should alert you and set you for struggle against the disease.

If the process does not involve the tissues that bind a tooth to the gum, then this is the initial stage called gingivitis. When the process deepens and affects the attachment of a tooth to the gum, then this is periodontitis.

In both cases, the main reason for the development of periodontal inflammations is pathogenic microorganisms that produce massive colonies – plaques. Therefore, the means to combat gingivitis and periodontitis should contain active components with the maximum antibacterial activity.

For those who care for their teeth, specialists recommend to use toothpastes, mouthwashes, and gum balms containing propolis, extracts of mallow, sage, camomile, and their active components, allantoin and bisabolol, to reduce inflammation. Not only do they reduce inflammation, but also accelerate the recovery of the damaged tissues.

Extracts of sanguinaria and hawthorn are good for densifying softened gums and strengthening the walls of fragile capillaries. Gums that require exclusive protection should be treated with products having not only antibacterial, but also antifungal effects because the fungi of the genus Candida are a formidable enemy of our body in general and the oral cavity in particular. In this respect, thyme extract and preparations containing it are indispensable.

When the disease is long-neglected, it is necessary to apply products containing triclosan or chlorhexidine for managing gingivites; however, they can be applied during only a limited period of time (7–10 days).

If your gums bleed and hurt, only regular oral care will be effective: high-quality active toothpaste in the morning, for example, PRESIDENT Active or PRESIDENT Active Profi, and PRESIDENT Professional mouthwash after every meal throughout the day. To fix the result, there are enhanced effect products PRESIDENT Effect Balm or PRESIDENT Extra Active available. Attention should also be paid to your toothbrush: choose a toothbrush with soft bristles, like PRESIDENT PROFI 6000 or PRESIDENT PROFI 4000, so that it does not damage the sore gums or become the source of bacterial growth.

If you follow these oral hygiene guidelines, your treatment is sure be truly effective.

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