Healthy white teeth – at the top of the agenda

 A beautiful white smile is a sign of not only success and well-being, but also of health that should be treated with care.

The palette of shades peculiar to the enamel of the teeth contains not only white. The history knows examples of extraordinary traditions and fashion trends. The Mayan Indians, for example, dyed their teeth blue and green; coal-colored teeth in Japan were a distinctive feature of geisha; whereas now in some countries of the Middle East, natural white teeth are unpopular and the wealthiest people, for prestige purposes, have their own teeth completely removed and shine with implanted gold ones.

In most cultures, the standard tooth color is white. However, there is no ideal in the nature. The natural white color can vary depending on many factors (place of living, ecological conditions, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, and other factors).

Often, in the pursuit of pearly whites, a person acquires a whole range of problems – hypersensitivity, cavity, gum inflammation. Is it reasonable?

If you care for your own teeth, follow the main rule of a healthy shining white smile – do no harm! White teeth should remain strong and healthy. To achieve this goal, you should choose hygiene products that maintain the natural whiteness of your teeth.

The ideal combination of efficacy and safety in removing dental plaque is found in PRESIDENT Renome toothpaste. The proprietary composition including calcium and silica was developed specially for daily use. The size of cleaning particles in PRESIDENT Renome toothpaste is strictly controlled during production, which is confirmed by a clear, temporally stable indicator of controlled abrasiveness, RDA-75. The effect of enamel strengthening is ensured by the presence of fluorine, phosphorus, and calcium compounds in the composition: these are responsible for constant saturation of the enamel with minerals in conditions of optimal composition of saliva. Extraordinary purity and freshness is a calling card of PRESIDENT Renome devotees.

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