Clinical Study Summary

Clinical study results for PRESIDENT Classic toothpaste

Significant decrease
of dental plaque based
on PHP index by

Decrease of dental plaque
based on API by

Decrease of plaque in places of
restoration based on PHP index

The high cleansing effect of PRESI DENT Classic toothpaste is due to a unique abrasive Syloblanc ® which has a controlled abrasiveness index of 75 RDA*. The pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects are due to plant extracts (sage, chamomile, balm) and Piemonte mint oil contained in the toothpaste.

*Controlled abrasiveness index (RDA scale)

Presi DENT Classic can be recommended to adults for daily oral
care to reduce plaque and prevent periodontal inflammations

Professor E.M. Kuzmina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of the Department of
Prevention of Dental Diseases at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

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