PRESIDENT PROFI 6000 toothbrush

4MIL* SUPER SOFT – for hypersensitive enamel and bleeding gums

Compact working part for hard-to-reach places
Ergonomic shape of handle
Ideally​ rounded bristles
Increased number of bristles (6000)
Description / Ingredients

PRESIDENT PROFI toothbrushes are specially designed for professional oral care in the period after surgery, professional hygienic cleaning of teeth and professional whitening. 

Soft, elastic, perfectly rounded bristles delicately polish tooth enamel and do not damage the gums.

Increased number of bristles up to 6000. 

PRESIDENT PROFI 6000 is the softest toothbrush in the brand’s portfolio. The specially selected hardness of the bristles (4MIL*) provides for the effective removal of dental plaque in case of hypersensitivity.

Bbristles – nylon Medex, handle – PET.

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